Regular exercise and a good diet with appropriate amounts of calcium and vitamin D are key..

It is important to know that exercise -- which can include everything from jumping jacks to jogging,

from lifting weights to playing tennis – can make a major impact in achieving strong, healthy bones.

......while we often talk about happy retirement being a prime motivator to stay fit after 50,

let’s not overlook the millions of people who aren’t planning to give up work at the traditional point in life.

Fitness today is a $100 billion industry worldwide, which means countless ordinary people exercise for the sake of exercising.

They know it’s good for them. They know it will help them lead better, longer lives. They know it’s fun.

But it wasn’t always like that. Until about 40 years ago, fitness facilities weren’t common. Celebrities weren’t super-fit.

People smoked cigarettes – a lot. The idea of “fitness over 50” hadn’t been coined....

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