Here’s a common scenario for people over 50.

They’ve gradually gained weight over the last couple of decades, and now they’re obese or getting there.

Somewhere over the years, they stopped participating in hobbies and sports. If they ever were a regular gym-goer or runner, that slipped away at some point, too.

Now they have aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, and doctors always urging them to exercise.

Does this sound like you? But you’re just not ready to do anything about it yet?

Maybe you just haven’t reached your turning point. It’s when you make a decisive change at a critical juncture to resolve a crisis.

It’s when you say, “Enough!”

It’s when you finally change your life.

Many of Us Need a Moment of Crisis.....

Here’s one of the great things about getting older:

You’ve lived through enough experiences to have learned lessons about what works for you – and what doesn’t.

About how to reach a goal successfully.

About how to get your mindset right to win.

Now, maybe you didn’t always talk about it in these terms when raising kids, starting careers, or navigating how to refinance the mortgage.

But whatever your life experiences, by now you’ve had enough that you can apply their lessons to your fitness goals and ensure your success (whatever that looks like for you).

Think about these 5 Life Lessons and how they can help you get fit or stay fit to enjoy your hobbies, prepare for travel, play with the grandkids… whatever you want!

5 Life Lessons for Your Fitness after 50

The Dads of the world got the short shrift the last two years, with Father’s Day being disrupted by the pandemic, right?

So show the dad or grandad in your life you care with a gift to keep him active – in the gym, playing his favorite sports, or just getting off the couch and doing something physical.

I hope he works out with me, of course. But any kind of movement is better than none. And if you encourage something he enjoys, then he’s more likely to stick with it past the holiday.

Barb, and the other 12,000 athletes at the National Senior Games, don’t fit the mold of aging.

They’re too active.

Most people simply don’t move enough, let alone people later in life.

The World Health Organization urges everyone to get at least 150 minutes a week of moderately

strenuous cardio exercise, or 75 minutes at a vigorous pace. Experts also say everyone needs at

least two strength-training sessions a week.

We all have our favorite summer activities, and we’ve all been limited from enjoying them as much as we want to. But now, it’s time to dust off that list of favorites and make some plans. No matter what’s on your list, be sure to add strength, stamina and agility to your goals. Because if you’re not in good physical shape, you’re going to continue to be limited in what you can do.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re hoping to enjoy. Being fit will help you do it, while improving your quality of life and extending your independence.

Let’s look at common reasons people over 50 decide to get fit or stay fit. What does each one inspire you to do this season? We are here to help you make those desires a reality.

7 Reasons Why.....

Regular exercise and a good diet with appropriate amounts of calcium and vitamin D are key..

It is important to know that exercise -- which can include everything from jumping jacks to jogging,

from lifting weights to playing tennis – can make a major impact in achieving strong, healthy bones.

......while we often talk about happy retirement being a prime motivator to stay fit after 50,

let’s not overlook the millions of people who aren’t planning to give up work at the traditional point in life.

Fitness today is a $100 billion industry worldwide, which means countless ordinary people exercise for the sake of exercising.

They know it’s good for them. They know it will help them lead better, longer lives. They know it’s fun.

But it wasn’t always like that. Until about 40 years ago, fitness facilities weren’t common. Celebrities weren’t super-fit.

People smoked cigarettes – a lot. The idea of “fitness over 50” hadn’t been coined....

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