Father’s Day Gifts to Keep Him Moving

The Dads of the world got the short shrift the last two years, with Father’s Day being disrupted by the pandemic, right?

So show the dad or grandad in your life you care with a gift to keep him active – in the gym, playing his favorite sports, or just getting off the couch and doing something physical.

I hope he works out with me, of course. But any kind of movement is better than none. And if you encourage something he enjoys, then he’s more likely to stick with it past the holiday.

June is Men’s Health Month, another good reason to share time and concern with the men in your life. Talk with each other about physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Exercise is just one key component of healthy active aging.

Here are some of our top ideas for Father’s Day fitness gifts.

Travel Gift Set. Encourage Dad to fly or take a road trip, whether it’s to see the grandkids or explore new territory. You can find all levels of luxury and prices, but look for something that includes a comfy neck pillow, eye shade, and earplugs.

AirPods Max. These are the larger, over-the-ear headphones that look more like what Dad might’ve grown up with – but still deliver the excellence and convenience he expects with Apple products. Plus, they’re more comfortable for some people, and definitely harder to lose. $479 on Amazon.

Basic supplies for his favorite sports and hobbies. Don’t forget about his favorite golf balls, tennis balls, or accessories like gloves. Go for high-quality – or novelty, like emojis and superheroes.

Theragun Mini. $199. Ultra-portable, on-the-go percussive massage. Ahhh… so nice after a day of activity.

Sports Watch. Again, there are so many options out there, one for every Dad and every price range. He’ll enjoy keeping track of steps and workouts, at the very least.

Weighted blanket. Get one anywhere – from high-end websites to the local drugstore. They really do bring a deeper sleep for many people – including a snuggly afternoon nap on the porch.

Allbirds Tree Loungers. $100. Slip-on, cool, comfortable – ideal for travel, for wearing around the house, and for going outside. Plus, they’re stylish and machine washable.

Do something physical with Dad. Walk the dog together. Take him to the gym or driving range. Toss the football. Free – or priceless?

Encourage journaling or some kind of artistic expression. Men over 50 often need help sharing their emotions, and there’s still a stigma about it. A blank book, some painting supplies, a carving knife… whatever he likes that might get him in touch with what’s going on inside that head.

Splurge on activewear. Forget the lumpy old sweatshirts. Get something sleek and flattering in the “athleisure” neighborhood.

Most of all, encourage dad to actively nurture his own wellbeing in all regards. Show him you care, and that you want him healthy, happy and living his best life.

I’m here to help, so just reach out today!

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