1.Do I need to buy a lot of equipment?

The equipment necessary for you to succeed is minimal and some people start with strictly bodyweight routines with absolutely no equipment whatsoever.

As the need arises and your personal goals have been achieved and new goals are created you may need to purchase a few dumbbells, bands, a mat for comfort and smaller accessories, but never any massive pieces of equipment ever.

2.How does online coaching work?

Online coaching is having your very own personal trainer at your fingertips and at your disposal without ever having to meet them or go to any gym or studio.

You will have custom programs created for your very own unique situation and your very own personal goals.

You will also be guided with nutrition coaching and never follow a fad diet. You will be taught how whole food nutrition and which habits are necessary for you to achieve the goals you have and the success you desire.

I make use of very specific apps to create your custom workouts, guide you with accountability actions and for your progress tracking.

3.How can online coaching be better than in-person coaching?

Time, location and gym fees are no longer issues. You determine when you workout based on your lifestyle and current situation. You pick the days and times best suited for you. You don’t need a gym membership or have to pay any extra fees and have the support from me and my 34 years of coaching experience.

4.Will I ever need to join a gym?

No. A gym membership is always going to be your choice but will never be necessary for your success or to achieve your goals.

5.What is the difference between The BodySculpt Breakthrough 12-Week Program and The BodySculpt Legacy Program?

The BodySculpt Breakthrough Program is 12 weeks in duration and will dial in all the necessary foundational habits, actions and training parameters along with nutrition coaching, weekly progress monitoring and community support. Then you would transition to The BodySculpt Legacy Program. Here you are given new customized workout programs every 4 weeks with ongoing accountability and support and will have access to the monthly Zoom accountability calls.

6.I have never worked out a day in my life. Will this program work for me?

Yes. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned gym rat my programs are based on your unique current level of fitness. I use a Graduated Exercise Protocol (GEP) which will allow for constant progression and improvements over time. The workouts are customized to your specific level and we’ll use the principles of progressive overload to stimulate your body to transform but not overwhelm you in the process.

7.I have tried working out before what makes your program different?

The methods of the graduated exercise protocols and progressive overload principles will allow me to customize your program and not allow for a plateau to linger too long and also will not overwhelm your body and mind. Course corrections and continuous monitoring will keep the results and progress reporting much more fluid.

8.What kind of success stories have you had?

“50 year old female shed 110lbs in 9 months and has kept if off for over 20 years now into her 60’s”

“35 year old female shed over 75lbs and over 20 inches all over in 6 months and had the confidence to date again”

“60 year old male was allowed to stop his blood pressure meds by shedding 50 lbs and decreased his waist size from 40 inches to 34 inches”

“58 year old female shed 55 lbs and lost 8 inches around her waist and 10 around her hips in 8 months”

“57 year old male shed 40 lbs in 6 months and stopped having to use a C-Pap machine and can sleep 8 hours straight feeling refreshed in the morning hours”

9.How many times per week do I need to workout?

Based on your personal goals and level of fitness some people workout 2-3 times a week while others 3-4. Most people do some form of cardiovascular exercise, even a simple walk most days of the week. The customized training routines and programs are never unrealistic as they are paired with your time commitment and goals.

10.Is my nutrition going to be extremely restrictive?

The first few weeks of the program may feel a little restrictive because we are eliminating processed foods and minimizing unhealthy choices. The nutrition portion is based on eating whole foods and not eliminating any one macronutrient like protein, carbs or fats. You will learn through my support and the support of the community what good nutrition and healthy food choices are and this will make your experience your own and help guide you to make the best choices moving forward.

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