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Having completed over 63,347 sessions, the team at BodySculpt are very experienced in the delivery of successful weight loss plans.

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BodySculpt Is The ONLY Studio in Canada That Offers the Vasper Technology

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Philosophy about Training
Being Passionate, dedicated and committed to achieving an optimal state of balance between the intersection of Elite Human Performance, Wholistic Health and the most favorable body composition.
Personal Interest:
Fitness, Team Sports, Paleolithic cooking, traveling, movies, & time with great friends! ...

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Before you hire any Personal Trainer ask them how many sessions they have completed in the past year, then you’ll realize why clients are saying “BodySculpt is Toronto’s best weight loss and personal training company.” After having just completed our 3,514th client session in the last 12 months our success and weight loss track record speak for themselves. We are happy to be referred to as the #1 Toronto Personal Trainer company dedicated to helping our members live happy and healthy lives.

BodySculpt prides itself on genuinely listening to each new client’s previous health and fitness history as well as their complete list of goals before sitting down to customize an individualized plan guaranteed to work for you. Our success stories are backed by our years of education, training, and experience working with weight loss clients like yourself who have tried other people and methods in the past for advice, programs and systems but ultimately haven’t succeeded – until now.

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