Live Blood Cell & Allergy Testing Clinic Toronto Beaches

We have confirmed our next Toronto Beaches Live Blood Cell and Allergy Testing Clinic for Saturday April 28th.

Many clients have participated in our previous Toronto Beaches clinics and always ask when and why they should do it again?  

I can tell you that how we feed our bodies and mind with the proper nutrition and supplementation will either allow our cells to reproduce at a more healthy and optimal level.  Typically, our skin cells are known to constantly be shed and then renewed. Red blood cells make their repetitive journey through our bloodstream with a lifetime of about 3-4 months.  This is a perfect time to follow up with another test to see if the recommendations Jan and Shannon gave you are working.  In other words are you changing your current habits and taking the correct supplements and advice to change your internal environment.  Also, are you feeling different and less inflamed or sensitive to foods and your environment?  Take the follow up test and confirm for yourself and see just how crucial the right path can start when you make that commitment.

For your information the two tests are described below;
Phase Contrast Microscopy formerly known as 

LIVECELL MICROSCOPY is different from conventional microscopic blood analysis because it looks at the whole blood, immediately, in its natural state. It can detect free radical damage, atherosclerotic plaque, parasites, candida/yeast/fungus, digestive deficiencies, risk of gout, toxic heavy metals, poor circulation, cell shape and size, organ stress and so much more.  Very educational as they have a camera and monitor attached to the microscope. The entire consultation is done while viewing the monitor together.

Your Blood, a window to a hidden world.

FOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAL ALLERGIES are often the culprits lurking behind a set of symptoms that cannot be easily diagnosed. Similar to the way lie detector tests are used, Electro-dermal testing uses frequencies to test for resistance patterns in the body. This test does not use needles or conventional medical “scratch testing” and is safe for all ages.

Very accurate!

If you suffer from fatigue, headaches, migraines, mood swings, attention difficulties, muscle and joint aches, skin rashes, trouble breathing, runny nose, watery eyes, gas, vomiting, sleep disturbances, dizziness, anaphylactic shock and/or general stomach upset, inflammation, THIS TESTING IS FOR YOU.

Both tests are recommended to receive an accurate reading of your health and can be used as a medical expense on your personal income tax. Cash or cheque only! The tests take about one hour in total. This well experienced team (since 1993) will provide you with a FREE personalized consultation, after the testing is complete, which includes instructions, time-tested hints and handout material. You will not be pressured to purchase any products or supplements, although recommendations may be made. This is a SERVICE ONLY appointment! Please drink ample purified water and refrain from food, beverages and especially coffee, 4-5 hours prior to testing.  Also, please refrain from taking any antihistamines for 24 hours before the test.

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