Toxins Stored in Fat Cells Detrimental in The Long Run

Many clients join BodySculpt to become healthier and losing weight is a big factor for most newbie’s to exercise.  Although exercise is a crucial part of the equation I always have to stress the nutrition component is of utmost importance to understand and change.

Adipose tissue (AT) is involved in several physiological functions, including metabolic regulation, energy storage, and endocrine functions.

In a recent review from EHP (Environmental Health Perspective) they examined the evidence that an additional function of AT is to modulate persistent organic pollutant (POP) toxicity through several mechanisms.

As a storage compartment for lipophilic POPs, AT plays a critical role in the toxicokinetics of a variety of drugs and pollutants, in particular, POPs. By sequestering POPs, AT can protect other organs and tissues from POPs overload. However, this protective function could prove to be a threat in the long run. The accumulation of lipophilic POPs will increase total body burden. These accumulated POPs are slowly released into the bloodstream, and more so during weight loss. Thus, AT constitutes a continual source of internal exposure to POPs. In addition to its buffering function, AT is also a target of POPs and may mediate part of their metabolic effects. This is particularly relevant because many POPs induce obesogenic effects that may lead to quantitative and qualitative alterations of AT. Some POPs also induce a proinflammatory state in AT, which may lead to detrimental metabolic effects.

The reason I want people to shed excess body fat and have a new mindset shift with the necessary behavioural changes is so the long-latency effect of having toxins floating in your blood and stored in your fat doesn’t predispose you to disease and a premature aging body and mind.


A common question I receive when clients first start the BodySculpt Transformation Nutrition Plan is;


Why may I experience headaches, fatigue, nausea, or skin breakouts?

This can be a sign that your body is detoxing, which is called a Herxheimer reaction. This is due to the fact your body is releasing stored toxins, which your body is trying to process and eliminate as quickly as possible. Headaches, fatigue, and nausea are also common if you have altered your normal routine and are no longer consuming processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, etc. This causes your body to have withdrawal symptoms from these items, especially during the first 2 days. It should be gone by the end of day 3. Please move onto the Day 3 meal plan should a headache become severe or last more than the 1st 2 days.


Now does this mean all the fats you have consumed and the fat your body is storing is the reason you should not eat fats?

Nope.  The good news is that you can find sources of clean, whole saturated fats from grass-fed farmers in your local area!  Also, another favorite of mine is pasture raised chicken eggs.


So, seek out clean, grass-fed sources of whole fats from farmers in your local area and get the best of both worlds:   healthy, lower toxin or toxin free fats! Put aside the short sighted and misinformed warnings about the toxins in animal fats from vegetarian/vegan groups or organizations that don’t delve deeply to explain their position but rather take a single stance and push this onto people.

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