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  • Penny Watson , BodySculpt Testimonials

    Tony recently asked me to describe BodySculpt in one word and without hesitation I said EXCELLENCE!

    I love Tony. I have known him for over 18 years. He is an extremely knowledgeable trainer on the topics of physical training, nutrition and health.

    He is kind, gentle, generous and patient. Always very sensitive and attuned to my needs each and every session ~ just the right balance of challenge without discouragement. I hope I can continue to train with Tony until I am at least 100 years old!

    Penny Watson
  • McKenzie B. , BodySculpt Testimonials

    When I first came to Tony, I hadn’t had any real physical activity in years. I went through most of the day feeling weak and tired, and my mood reflected that. I needed a change. Fast forward to today. Thanks to Tony, I’m in the best shape of my life and only getting stronger. While I’ve been surprised by the amount of muscle I’ve put on, what’s surprised me most is the change in how I feel. I no longer experience that “mid-day crash”. I’m more confident, and less affected by stress. Most of all, I feel happier. If you’re thinking of getting into better shape, take my word for it: Tony is the man to get you there! Tony is truly passionate about what he does. He’s a fantastic motivator, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition, exercise techniques, and human physiology. Tony is a great trainer, and an all-around great guy. I’ve really enjoyed training under his direction, and I know that you will too.

    So don’t wait. Take charge of your health, and sign up for Tony’s program today. I really mean it when I say it’s the best investment you can make. You’ll be thrilled with the results, and shocked by just how much better you feel when you treat your body right

    McKenzie B.
  • Rachel D. , BodySculpt Testimonials

    “This past January I decided that I was going to be ‘fit by 40’, as my 40th birthday is approaching in July.

    Although I felt I was eating healthy (consuming whole grains, vegetables, desserts sparingly) and exercising by running regularly, I was about 10-15 pounds heavier than what seemed a healthy weight for me. When I met with Tony I told him that I needed a plan that was holistic in the approach and sustainable in terms of both diet and exercise. As a working professional mom of two young kids, finding time is a constant challenge.


    After my initial consultation with Tony I signed on for the ‘12 week bring your body back challenge’. My results have been terrific! I dropped 10 lbs and decreased my body fat by 20% (from 30% to 25%). And probably most importantly, I feel much stronger, more energized and so much healthier overall! Tony has been such a huge support throughout the challenge period. His knowledge is vast, and he addresses my many questions and concerns promptly. His personal attention and consideration make it easy to stay on track with goals (he has gone so far as to pick up equipment, supplements and other items that I needed to save me time).

    The net result of my experience with Tony is that I am on a new path towards an even healthier me, and expect to achieve a new goal by the time I hit 40!

    Rachel D.
  • Mark M. , BodySculpt Testimonials

    I am currently 35 years old and in the summer of 2012 I hit my all time highest weight and felt terrible. I was having trouble sleeping, always tired, generally not feeling good and with history of diabetes in my family, I did not like the path I was on. And my younger brother asked me to be in his wedding in the summer of 2013. At 5’ 4” and weighing 193 pounds (over 30% body fat), I wasn’t happy with myself, what I saw in the mirror and I definitely didn’t want wedding pictures looking like that. I started researching websites and trainers. I saw the TV gimmicks and all the powders and pills and they weren’t for me – I can’t put that stuff in my body. I visited the local gyms and I was greeted by “young adults” with little to no qualifications charging what I thought was unreasonable rates based on skill and experience.On a chance search on the internet I found Tony’s website, I called and made an appointment for the free initial assessment. Being fairly pessimistic I met him at his (incredibly equipped) home gym, never really expecting to sign up. Tony blew me away! From the very first moments with him I was learning and getting motivated. He was pouring out all kinds of tips and techniques. At no charge I was given a list of personalized changes I needed to make immediately to start to get my weight and health under control.

    Needless to say, I eagerly signed up with Tony, with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. He gave me a holistic plan for my overall health, while planning to hit my weight lose targets. In Tony I got trainer, a coach, a motivation speaker, a nutritional expert and most importantly a long term trusted partner in my goal to regain my health. His understanding of fitness training is obvious right away, but what sets Tony apart is his comprehensive knowledge of all areas of health and wellness.

    In a short 6 months, I lost 30 pounds and 10% body fat. And what I’ve gained is a new way of eating, living and appreciation of staying healthy. Tony has made a tremendous difference in my life. Oh, and I’ll look much better in those family wedding photos!

    Thank you Tony!!

    Mark M.
  • Marilyn Luf. , BodySculpt Testimonials

    Tony, thanks for being you. I am so glad we are friends and that you are in my life. My personal goal for the future is to be always surrounded by supportive, inspirational, kind people just like you and to be able to extend the same to others. Sorry if I’m being mushy but I went to the doctor for my annual physical yesterday and I can’t help but feel so proud when they express their enthusiasm and praise towards my excellent self care. These young doctors are in awe of me and I know that my example will be extended to others through them, they call me their poster patient for preventative medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you, always!

    Marilyn Luf.
  • Brian Lasure, BodySculpt Testimonials

    Just wanted to say that my experience with BodySculpt was fantastic. The three month program I committed to exceeded my expectations, resulting in a 21 pound weight loss, with an increase in my mobility and overall body health. It also relieved the severe osteoarthritis pain in my knees, doctors have been telling me to lose weight for years but could never do it on my own. The meal plans Tony designed were great and enjoyable to follow. Think I will be using them for a very long time. Tony, my personal trainer, well, can’t say enough nice things about him, a very supportive person and a great motivator. Liked every minute of exercise training with him and would not hesitate to recommend him and BodySculpt to anyone. Would never have achieved the results I got without the assistance and guidance of the BodySculpt staff, kudos to you all. Will assuredly be coming back for more and can’t stress enough my satisfaction with BodySculpt and the programs Tony has set out.

    Brian Lasure
  • Tanya V. , BodySculpt Testimonials

    Body Fat: Lost 11.2% and went from 37.4% to 26.2%

    BMI: Decreased by 5+ pts

    Weight: Lost 32 pounds exactly

    Measurements: Lost 25.6 inches total

    Working with Tony over the years in our Mighty Movers group was very transformational. He set me up with a personalized workout plan and an eating plan to follow. The workout exercises were challenging, fun, and motivating, especially when you begin to see change! Tony is very encouraging and always has great suggestions to keep you on track with your goals. Prepare to buy a brand new wardrobe because the clothes you’re wearing now will start to fall off you. I remember going through airport security at one point, and when I had to remove my belt, my pants almost fell off. That’s when I knew I was really making progress. Thanks for your support, Tony!

    Tanya V.
  • David R. , BodySculpt Testimonials

    When I was in my pre-teens I was the “chubby” kid on the block. I took an interest in Karate, running long distances and because my three older brothers were into weight-training, I gave that a try too … I was hooked! Anything that was exercise related made me feel and look better. My path for consistency and longevity began. My story is not one of losing a lot of weight or having multiple medical issues that prescribed weight loss. Instead my story is one of self-discipline, self-direction and the love of exercise which always makes me feel better. When I feel better I’m more confident in every area of my life. I met Tony D’Assisi when we were 14 years old. We were in the same grade 10 gym class it just figures we met in the weight training class for the semester. We were in the weight-training room and there were a handful of guys that seemed to know a little bit about what they were doing, Tony and myself being two. When we were younger we wanted to be like the bodybuilders of the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Colombu, Sergio Oliva, Tom Platz and Frank Zane. Then we grew up and realized those guys trained while on steroids. Not for us! As we became close friends Tony was the friend that I could count on to be a great workout partner and someone who could be counted on for updated information regarding exercise and supplementation. When Tony applied to the various Universities he was accepted and went to the University of Toronto for Physical and Health Education, with a minor in Nutrition. It was then I knew he was my go to guy for information to keep me healthy and fit. Tony and I would bounce ideas back and forth and try various workout programs going through high school, but now instead of relying on the Muscle & Fitness magazines I could count on the know-how approach from science-based research that Tony was receiving from his schooling. He also gave me the latest scoop on which supplements worked and why they were important. To this day Tony knows the best supplement protocols through research and education such as BioSignature Modulation. I’ve always been into keeping healthy and fit ever since those early high school years as it makes me feel good and I feel that many aspects of my life have been improved due to my consistency with exercise and healthier eating habits. I am now turning 46 and can honestly say my relationship with Tony over the past 32 years has dramatically improved my health, performance and body composition. Thank you so much Tony D’Assisi for mentoring me and for being such a great friend!

    David R.
  • Ian Van de Wall, BodySculpt Testimonials

    Competition has been a part of who I am and sport was the first outlet that really gave me the opportunity to fulfill this part on my personality. I played organized sports all year long, one activity or another and some at highly competitive levels. When it wasn’t organized it was seeing who could ride or run or swim faster. Being able to compete and excel have just been something I have always taken for granted and fitness was necessary to do this, exercising was second nature.

    Over time, the pursuit of career and family replaced the time I devoted to sports. I continued to stay ft and exercise for many years after graduation and into my career years but eventually there were so many things to keep me busy and distracted that even staying ft started to slip from my radar. While I realized this was slowly happening over the last 3 years I did very little to stop it. Then I woke up one day and realized I was 40lbs overweight, had aches and pains all over, had trouble bending, getting up and was always stiff and slow. Luckily, I had a truly trusted friend I could turn to.

    Tony has been my friend, brother in arms, confdent and inspiration since we were 9 years old. We played sports together, shared our life experiences, love stories, happiness and tragedies over those many years. Tony has always been about ftness, physically, nutritionally and psychologically. He gave me a life line to pull myself back up, to help me to see and understand what had happened to me and why. He helped me to open my eyes to what I had been, what I am, and what my future could be depending on the decisions I made and actions I took today. He did this all with kindness, understanding, professionalism and motivation.

    I always knew how devoted to his clients Tony was and how hard he worked to increase his knowledge, expertise and ability to help others but now I have experienced frst hand what the result of this means for his clients. It means you have simply the best person possible to help you become a better you, the person who you already and maybe alway.

    Ian Van de Wall
  • Chris D. , BodySculpt Testimonials

    Tony and I have been good friends since Grade 7. As long as I’ve known Tony he’s been passionate about sports, resistance training and nutrition and over the years I’ve witnessed Tony’s continued dedication to the health and fitness industry. I’ve played sports my entire life and have stayed in shape through running and cycling. Over the years, I have done some ad hoc weight training and didn’t pay particularly close attention to my diet. More recently, I lost lean muscle mass, my knees and shoulders were sore and in general I was feeling a bit burnt out from the daily grind of life. I knew I needed to make to some changes. About a year ago I met with Tony to discuss my goals to improve athletic performance, minimize sports injuries, build lean muscle and strength and improve overall health. We agreed to meet twice a week and Tony gave me realistic expectations about the time frame over which we would see results.

    We started the program and Tony was able to quickly identify areas that we needed to work on. It became obvious to me that my body needed a major tune up. Among other things, my posture was poor, my right leg was much stronger than my left leg and the mobility of my shoulders were limited.

    Stage one of our training, as Tony called it, was to “build a solid foundation”, a base on which we could make future gains. During this time I also saw a physiotherapist for my knees and shoulders. What I found interesting, and is a testament to Tony’s knowledge, is he would know what my physiotherapist was going to say about my issues and the rehabilitation exercises in advance of my appointments. Tony is a very methodical trainer and injury prevention is a primary concern of his. Tony also provided me with a very thorough nutrition plan that has guided my eating.

    Tony certainly practices what he preaches and his personal dedication to fitness in his day to day life was very motivating to me. He will not only tell you what you need to do to achieve your goals but if you’re curious he will also tell you why. Tony gave my body the tune up it needed. My knees and shoulders are in much better shape, I recover more quickly after sports, I’m stronger, I’ve built lean muscle, I eat better and generally feel healthier. Although I aged one year since I began my training with Tony my body performs and feels many years younger.

    Thank you Tony for your enthusiasm, motivation, education, helping me meet my goals and making it fun. Most importantly, thank you for steering me in the direction of a healthier lifestyle I can maintain for the long-term.

    Chris D.
  • People who are trying to get fit make three big mistakes. First they overdo the planning and schedule for too much exercise. Second, they cancel with good excuses (in their own minds). Third, they don’t know exactly what they are doing.

    When I met Tony, I managed to avoid all of these mistakes as he put together a reasonable program that helps keep me fit and doesn’t overdo it. We stick to our schedule of an hour’s work-out 2-3 times a week including brisk walks, cardiovascular work and weight training and focus on the areas that most need help.I have been able to lose unwanted body fat and kept my blood sugars at healthy levels. In addition Tony is a good friend and someone well worth talking with 2-3 times a week. I enjoy his company, I value his knowledge and I benefit from his professionalism. All of this for over 14 years.

    Jim Coutts
  • As my personal trainer for the past 20 years, Tony has always maintained incredible integrity, respect and the highest level of professionalism in his work.Tony is a joy to train with, as he is always upbeat and positive. My Monday morning session with him sets the tone for a great week ahead. He strives to help me achieve my best, while being cognizant of any injuries or issues. I know I will be pushed without being taken to a place my body doesn’t want to go.Tony continuously updates his knowledge of the body and mind, and shares this with his clients. It is inspiring to be around him as he seeks to still grow and learn after many years in the industry. He has a great network of referrals, and understands what modality of care someone needs. During times of great stress he has been a tremendous source of encouragement, support and has reminded me about the importance of taking care of myself.I have complete trust in Tony and value his opinion. He is truly a kind, warm individual who cares about my well being. I feel privileged and grateful to have him in my life…

    E. Goldberg


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